Board Members

The 50 Board Members of each NYC Community Board are appointed by their elected Borough President in consultation with their elected City Council Members. Each year, a cohort of 25 Board Members is appointed to serve two-year terms, for up to four terms.

The application process to become a member of this or any other Brooklyn Community Board is managed by the Brooklyn Borough President’s office.

2023 Board Officers

As elected annually by their peers:
Chairperson: Lenue H. Singletary III
1st Vice-Chair: Leonard Jordan
2nd Vice-Chair: Barbara Zahler-Gringer
Secretary: Jessica Thurston

2023 Committee Chairs

As appointed by the Board Chair:
Economic Development & Employment: William Flounoy
Health, Environment & Social Services: Brandon Smith
Land Use: Carlton Gordon
Parks & Recreation: Barbara Zahler-Gringer
Transportation & Public Safety: Sidney Meyer
Youth, Education & Cultural Affairs: Betty Feibusch
Finance & Personnel: Leonard Jordan

2023 Board Members

As appointed biennially by the Borough President:
Hazra Ali
Emily Anadu
Victor Andrews
Ernest Augustus
Kari Bailey
Esther Blount
Doug Boettner
Daughtry Carstarphen
Madison Cheng
Akosua Cobb
Monique Cumberbatch
Andy Dietderich
Lindsay Einhorn
Nicholas Ferreira
MacKenzie Fillow
Cheryl Gelbs
Kate Gilman
Rachel Hong
Brian Howald
Carolyn Hubbard-Kamunanwire
Thomas Huzij
Andrew Lastowecky
Leroy Li
Nicole McKnight
Maisha Morales
Latrel Mosso
Santia Pelliccia
Denise Peterson
Jon Quint
Malynda Rascoe
Jonathan Rogers
Jeffrey Ryan
Ciro Scala
Ellis Scope
Lisa Scott
Celeste Staton
Cheryl Williams
Kate Yearwood Young
(3 vacant seats)

2023 Public Members

As appointed by the Board Chair:
Sandy Balboza
Juliet Cullen-Cheung
John Dew
Karen Johnson
Samantha Johnson
Patrick Killackey
Richard Mauro
Shirley McRae
Jennifer Melby
Nicole Murray
Yvette Richardson
Judy Stanton
Alejandro Varela