Community Board Committee meetings are the recognized town halls and public forums for NYC Community Districts. Committees do not issue binding votes. They research issues, conduct public meetings, receive and review local feedback, and present their findings and recommendations for full Board review and vote at the monthly General Meeting of the full body.

Pursuant to the New York State Open Meetings Law, all NYC Community Board and Committee meetings are open to the public. All are welcome and encouraged to attend Committee meetings to listen to City leaders, topic experts, applicants, and neighbors; ask informed questions; and contribute ideas that move our District forward for everyone. 

Any issue related to the welfare of the District may be considered for Committee agenda placement. Topics may originate from a City agency, from the District Office, from within the committee, or at the request of an applicant or constituent. Residents are also welcome to raise new business during “Community Forum” which is a standing agenda item for every meeting.

Subscribe to the District newsletter for first notice of meetings and calls for public comment. Visit the BKCD2 Public Drive and the BKCB2 YouTube channel to review the archive of previous meeting proceedings.