Youth, Education & Cultural Affairs

The Youth, Education & Cultural Affairs (YECA) Committee advocates for young people and educational and cultural programs for all District residents, and reviews matters related to relevant institutions within the District including the Brooklyn Public Library.

This Committee typically meets at 6pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month, except during the Citywide summer recess months of July and August. All interested neighbors are encouraged to attend and participate.

Subscribe to the District newsletter for first notice of meetings, and confirm all dates, times, locations, and agendas on the District’s live calendar. Visit the BKCD2 Public Drive and the BKCB2 YouTube channel to review the archive of previous meeting proceedings.

Committee Members

Chairperson: Betty Feibusch
Vice-Chair: Nicholas Ferreira
Secretary: vacant
Deborah Hallen
Dymond Holmes
Rachel Hong
Samantha Johnson
Leroy Li
Santia Pelliccia
Mary Ellen Sullivan