About CB17

Community Boards are local representative bodies in the City of New York. There are 59 Community Boards created by a City Charter amendment in 1975. Each borough is divided geographically, and Brooklyn has 18 Community Boards.

Community Board 17 is a unique community due to its size, location, population, and community needs. Community Board 17 has a host of public facilities, public spaces, businesses, service providers, and other amenities not found in many other communities located throughout the metropolitan area.

Community Board 17, like all of the community boards within NYC, plays a very important advisory role in dealing with land use and zoning matters, the City budget, municipal service delivery, and many other matters relating to the communities’ welfare.

The Board is comprised of 50 unsalaried members, appointed by the Borough President in consultation with the New York City Council members who represent part of the Board district.

Any person with a residence, business, professional, or other significant interest in a Community District in a given area is eligible for appointment to the Community Board serving that area.

Community Board 17 consists of a full-time District Manager with three staff members that receive and work to resolve residents’ service delivery problems.