NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission

As required by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC), applications for work that requires a Certificate of Appropriateness (CofA) must be presented to the Community Board prior to the LPC public hearing:

Community Board Review Process

LPC applications are first reviewed by the Land Use Committee, which issues a Recommendation to the full Board for a vote:

  1. Land Use Committee Presentation & Public Review
  2. Full Board Vote on Committee Recommendation
  3. (Schedule your LPC review for after the Board vote date)

The June 26 public review date is currently full. The Board observes a summer recess in July and August. LPC CoFA reviews are currently being scheduled for September 18 or October 16, and all applications are placed on agendas first-come upon receipt of all materials.

To request a review date, submit the following to [email protected]:

  1. SUBJECT LINE: “LPC / [address] / [LPC docket number]
  2. Scope of Work: Submit a brief narrative technical description. Note if any aspects of the proposal have already been approved or altered by LPC staff. If instructed by LPC to construct a frame or “mock-up” of an addition, include the dates when the structure will be visible.
  3. PDF of Complete & Final Renderings:
    1. Renderings submitted to the District Office should be the same as those viewed by the LPC
    2. At a minimum, please include: aerial site plan, as-built comparison, and axonometric projection. For work visible from a public thoroughfare, provide visibility and sight line renderings. For rear yard additions or enlargements, include a current-year block plan showing the depth of all existing extensions.
    3. Limit total number of pages to 20 or fewer
    4. Limit total PDF file size to 10MB or smaller (you may use a higher resolution file during your presentation)
  4. Proof of Notice: All Community Board meetings are open to the public, to serve as the City-recognized forum for local review, discussion, and input. Please copy [email protected] on notifications sent to the relevant Historic District Association AND adjacent addresses in all directions of the property, including rear. Photo proof of physical postings or certified mail are acceptable. Your notices must include the same Scope of Work as above, and verbatim: “You are invited to attend our Public Review:

Submissions will be acknowledged by email within 10 business days:

  • All application materials are considered to be entered into Public Record upon submission. If any elements of your submission package should remain confidential for security reasons, please clearly indicate this in your submission email. However, any materials submitted to a Community District Office may be subject to public disclosure via FOIL request.
  • Notice of Public Reviews are issued via District Newsletter and in the District Calendar, at least 7 days in advance of any meeting. All impacted or interested residents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and share concerns or requests before the Committee votes on a Recommendation.
  • All NYC Community Board meetings are subject to the rules of the NY State Open Meetings Law. BKCB2 meetings also include opportunities for public comment and questions on agenda items. Minutes are posted on the BKCD2 Public Drive within 14 days following each meeting, and recordings (when available) are archived on the BKCD2 YouTube channel.
  • Applicants (and/or Representative) are expected to attend their scheduled public review. Please be prepared to make a 10min visual presentation to attendees.
  • The Committee Chair moderates a brief Q&A for each application, beginning first with Board Members, then inviting members of the general public to comment or ask questions for up to 2 minutes each.
  • Following Committee-level public review, a Recommendation will be passed to the full Board for their vote at the next available General Meeting. Applicants are not required to attend this session but are welcome to observe. NOTE: BKCB2 Committees are on summer recess during the months of July and August. LPC CofA reviews are not typically granted during these months; please schedule accordingly.
  • Applicants are responsible for tracking all Community Board meeting details via District Newsletter and/or District Calendar.
  • Applicants are copied on the final Board Resolution emailed to the LPC.