Open Meeting Law

In regard to the temporary suspension of the Open Meetings Law, Community Board 10 met in quorum on June 6, 2022

“Community Boards can stay virtual as long as there is a New York State or New York City state of emergency in effect. The NYC state of emergency is likely to remain in effect for some time. However, in order to continue to have virtual meetings for the duration of the State or City state of emergency, your board needs to adopt a declaration at the beginning of its next meeting stating that there is a state of emergency in effect in New York State and New York City, and the circumstances of the state of emergency impair the ability of the board to have in person meetings.

If your board does not adopt such a declaration, beginning on June 9 it will need to hold meetings at which at least a quorum of its members is physically present at a location or locations that are physically accessible to members of the public.”

The Motion of the Board:

Community Board 10 adopts a resolution and declaration that the Chair has the option to call a meeting remotely in the event that due to a New York State or New York City declared state of emergency or a circumstance arising from same, the Board is unable to conduct its business.