Neighborhood Loading Zones (NLZ)

What is a Neighborhood Loading Zone?

Neighborhood Loading Zones were created following a law passed by the New York City Council last year to reduce double parking and improve safety and mobility on residential streets.

The new law requires the NYC Department of Transportation to install 500 Neighborhood Loading Zones citywide annually.

Neighborhood Loading Zones provide curb space during daytime and early evening hours to allow package deliveries by commercial vehicles, taxis and car service pick-up and drop off, active loading and unloading of personal vehicles.

The New York City Department of Transportation conducted outreach and provided opportunity for public to provide NLZ location recommendations in Community Board 10 area. Community Board 10 will be monitoring usage and compliance and will continue to provide feedback to DOT following installation which will be staggered, beginning May of 2022.

Goals of Neighborhood Loading Zones

Reduce the amount of delay and safety issues that stem from double parking by delivery trucks, vans and cars by providing dedicated space for vehicles to load and unload goods and passengers on residential streets.

The average length of the loading zones is 25 to 40 feet — see chart below.

Days and Hours of Operation

Neighborhood Loading Zone regulations will be in effect Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm

Placement Criteria

NLZ are recommended on blocks consisting of:

  • Large residential buildings
  • Narrow streets such as one-way streets with less than 40 feet in length with bike lane or bus route
  • Two way streets that are commonly double parked and not wide enough for vehicles to pass double parked vehicles without entering the opposite lane

NLZ Locations in Community Board 10

Community Bard Ten
Neighborhood Loading Zone Information Links

Community Board 10 Traffic and Transportation Committee Reviewed DOT Presentation on the NLZ program coming to Community Board Ten on January 11, 2022.

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