Street Construction Work

95th Street Elevator Project, 95th Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenue

95th St between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave will be closed to through traffic from February 15th thru March 13th, 2024 7AM-6PM Monday to Friday in order to complete infrastructure work related to the installation of an elevator at the 95th street R subway station. Local and emergency traffic will be permitted to enter 95th street from both ends of the block.

Patrick O’Rourke Playground, 81st – 80th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenue

A partial closure of Patrick O’Rourke Playground will begin shortly. Parks will be working in partnership with DEP to install rainwater retention tanks underneath the large asphalt area closest to the school in this park, finishing with fresh new asphalt in the entire area. This project should take roughly three months to complete, access to the play equipment on the western side of the park will remain open and usable to the public throughout this construction.

Below is a link to the project with a detailed project schematic. The asphalt and the two basketball courts onsite will be repaved entirely.


JJ Carty Park (Fort Hamilton Parkway between 94th and 101st Streets) Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the playground at JJ Carty Park (Fort Hamilton Parkway between 94th and 101st Streets) has begun ahead of schedule and will continue through April of 2024. Funding for the reconstruction project was provided by NYC Council Member Justin Brannan. Click here for more information.

Dyker Beach Park Playground (86th Street and 14th Avenue), Asphalt Field and Basketball Courts Reconstruction

The multi-purpose asphalt area and basketball courts at Dyker Beach Park Playground (86th St & 14th Ave) will be closed for reconstruction starting the end of next week, (March 15th and beyond) with construction fencing being erected. The play equipment, bocce courts, comfort station, and seating areas will all remain open during this time.

This project will fully reasphalt the large asphalt area and basketball courts at this location, and will include new sportcoating paint on both locations, as well as new backboards and rims on the courts. This work should take 2-3 months to complete, Parks Dept. hopes for the site to reopen just as the summer season starts. Permit holders have been notified of this work as well.

For reference, please see the Capital Tracker page below for details on this project.

Upcoming Street and Sidewalk Construction

NYC DOT has shared the tentative paving list for CB 10 for upcoming spring/summer street milling and paving.  The list includes the following streets:

  • Shore Road from MacKay Place to 82nd Street
  • Shore Road from 82nd Street to 92nd Street
  • Shore Road from 92nd Street to 4th Avenue
  • Ridge Blvd. from 76th Street to 91st Street
  • 76th Street from 5th Avenue to Narrows Avenue
  • Narrows Avenue from Bay Ridge Parkway to 83rd Street
  • 87th Street from Shore Road to 5th Avenue
  • 79th Street from 7th Avenue to 14th Avenue
  • Ft. Hamilton Parkway from 92nd Street to 101st Street*
  • 5th Avenue from 82nd Street to 4th Avenue and 95th Street*
  • 66th Street from 4th Avenue to 6th Avenue*
  • Ft. Hamilton Parkway from 83rd Street to 92nd Street*

* indicates night work


NYC DOT publishes a weekly Resurfacing Schedule here.


National Grid is scheduled to begin work on a Pipeline Inspection project in Brooklyn at Colonial Rd and 77th St and at Wakeman Pl and Bergen Pl. The project should take approximately four weeks to complete, but traffic control will be present to maintain the flow of vehicles during the inspection time.  Some preliminary excavation work has already begun.  Please follow signage and directions from traffic agents.

National Grid will update gas mains to improve the reliability of their gas system. Construction will last approximately 90 days at each location. The areas that are affected are as follows:

  • 65th Street, between 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue
  • 65th Street, between 13th Avenue and 14th Avenue
  • 65th Street, between the NYCTA Subway and 14th Avenue
  • 13th Avenue, between 64th Street and 65th Street
  • 13th Avenue, between 65th Street and 66th Street
  • 14th Avenue, between 64th Street and 65th Street
  • 14th Avenue, between 65th Street and 66th Street
  • 65th Street on 13th Avenue
  • 14th Avenue on 65th Street
  • 79th Street between 10th Avenue and 11th Avenue
  • 71st Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and 10th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue between 94th and 95th Streets