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Mulchfest 2022

NYC Parks is excited to announce Mulchfest 2022! Drop offs to recycle holiday trees start December 26 through January 9. Chipping weekend is January 8-9 at select sites where participants can also get free mulch.

More information in English could be found here.
More information in Spanish could be found here.
More information in Chinese could be found here.
More information in Polish could be found here.

Winter Clothing Drive

Accepting donations from December 5, 2021 to January 15, 2022

Joanna Gounis’ 1st Annual Community Service Project for the holy Cross Brooklyn Out Reach Center.  Please donate your unwanted winter clothing to help others stay warm.

Drop off locations:
8401 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York 11209
8502 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, New York 11209

More information could be found here.

Food Drive

Accepting donations from December 5, 2021 to January 15, 2022

Joanna Gounis’ 1st Annual Community Service Project for the holy Cross Brooklyn Out Reach Center.   Help donate to those in hunger.  Accepting canned food and non-perishable items.

Drop off locations:
8502 Ridge Boulevard, Brooklyn, New  York 11209
Starbucks – 514 86th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11209

More information could be found here.

Take The Survey

The NYS Department of Public Service and ECC Technologies invite you to take the Internet Access survey online. This survey will help determine where there is greater need for broadband and internet service within New York State.

Access the survey at

To request a paper survey, please call

Apply Now – Spring 2022

Tuition-Free Short Term Training

  • OSHA 40 Certification
  • Security Guard Training

Tuition-Free Academic Programs

  • College Preparation
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • High School Equivalency

Tuition-Free Career Programs

  • Direct Support Professional
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Billing and Coding
  • Office Administrative Professional w/ Microsoft Office

All programs online (subject to change)

*Limited in-person instruction

Visit for eligibility requirements and to apply.

Contact Information:

Email – [email protected]
Phone – 718-802-3344

More information could be found here.

NYC Open Restaurants Program

Permanent Open Restaurants Program
Due to the success of the emergency Open Restaurants Program during COVID-19, New York City is working to create a permanent Open Restaurants program. This program will be managed by NYC DOT and allow restaurants to use the sidewalk adjacent and curbside roadway space in front of their businesses for outdoor dining. In order to make this program permanent, the laws that control outdoor dining in non-emergency situations must be changed.

NYC Permanent Open Restaurants Program Brochure (pdf)

Vision for Permanent Program

  • NYC DOT will administer both the sidewalk and roadway café programs through a streamlined application process
  • Allow for outdoor dining on the sidewalk and in the curbside roadway space
  • Available citywide
  • Detailed, upfront design guidance based on the design guidelines outreach process
  • Both sidewalk and roadway seating require license agreement
  • Full NYC DOT enforcement unit to enforce roadway structures, ADA Compliance, clear path, and amplified noise devices
  • Continued coordination with other city agencies on enforcement and rules

There are many legal changes required to making this program permanent.

Estimated Timeframe   
Fall 2021 to Fall 2022
Legal Actions Take Place (i.e. amendment to zoning text, changes to local law, rulemaking, design, and application details)

Estimated Timeframe   
Winter 2022
Permanent Program Application Opens

Estimated Timeframe 
Permanent Program Launches

NYC Permanent Open Restaurant Program
Take The Survey

The Department of Transportation and Department of City Planning are co-leading a design process to engage with New Yorkers to help shape the Permanent Open Restaurants Program.

Take the Open Restaurant Survey by scanning the QR Code above or via the link here by December 31st. For more information check out the brochure here. For more information about upcoming public meetings in December and January please visit DOT Website here.

Crime Prevention Tips to Help Deter Package Theft

Package theft is on the rise, especially during this busy shopping season. Click here for some tips and ideas to help prevent your packages from being stolen.

Rat Sightings – How to Prevent – How to Report Important Information

Several residents alerted the District Office about rat sightings at various locations in the District.

There are lots of reasons for rats to surface – the most notable culprit is street excavation. As you know, there is regular digging taking place around town for one reason or another.
We encourage all to report rat sightings directly to 311 and share the locations with our office and we will share with the Department of Health. The good news is inspectors can often identify the source and put an immediate abatement treatment plan together to address the condition.

We need your help to keep them at bay and prevent them from coming back. The New York City Department of Health has produced a helpful pamphlet entitled “Preventing Rats on Your Property. It can be found online and provides helpful information. Below is a quick summary but we encourage you visit DOH website and check it out!

Department of Health Rat Prevention Tips

Look for Evidence Most rats live in nests or burrows. Burrows are holes in dirt or concrete. They can also be found under brushes and plants

Clean Up – Rats mostly come out at night to look for food. Make sure all garbage receptacles are tightly secured.

Starve Them – Please manage your garbage. Bring cans and bags to the curb as close to pick up. Use hard plastic cans with tight fitting lids.

Shut Them Out Rats chew holes into buildings and can squeeze through building cracks. Seal all holes and cracks in foundations, walls, floors, underneath doors and windows.

Wipe Them Out – Rodent bait is effective way to wipe out rats. If you live in your own home without tenants, the law allows you to place rodent bait yourself. But commercial and multi-unit property owners must hire a pest control company.

For more information please see here.

Home Help for Heroes Program

Home Help for Heroes program
Financial Assistance for Brooklyn’s Disabled Veterans

Open to disabled Brooklyn veterans who own a home that needs modification in order for them to continue living independently.

Eligible projects include wheelchair ramps, lifts, roll-in showers, and doorway widening.

Total household income limit is 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) for the Metro NYC area.  Disabled veterans impacted by COVID-19 will be given special consideration.

Applications processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Angella Cummings
Director of Operations
[email protected]

HOPE 2022

The Department of Homeless Services (DHS) will conduct its annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) Survey, a point-in-time survey undertaken each winter that helps the City estimate the number of unsheltered New Yorkers living on the street on one of the coldest nights of the year. The results gathered through this survey provide the City with valuable information that helps determine how best to allocate resources in support of New Yorkers in need.

Volunteers are needed from approximately 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. on the night of January 25th.

Anyone interested should visit to register.

NYC Parks Career Fair

On January 11th , 18th , and 22nd Parks Department will be hosting a career fair for NYC Parks jobs, along with other partner agencies including FDNY, MTA, etc. The event is free and open to the public. Attendees must provide proof of vaccination and masks are required.

Visit the link below for more information.

Department of Sanitation

Special Waste Drop-Off Brooklyn and Staten Island Location:

Special Waste Drop-Off Sites are now open.  Special Waste Drop-Off Sites are locations where New York City residents can drop-off certain harmful products. The sites are open from 10 AM to 5 PM every Saturday and the last Friday of the month. Sites are closed on legal holidays and may be closed during severe weather.

Where to find them

Brooklyn: 459 North Henry Street in Greenpoint
Staten Island: Located off the Muldoon Avenue exit of the southbound West Shore Expressway (440), past the DSNY security booth.

What to Bring

The following items are accepted at DSNY Special Waste Drop-Off Sites:

  • Batteries, including automotive, rechargeable (such as small sealed lead acid batteries, Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-ZN, Ni-Cd) and single-use (such as alkaline and lithium primary). Follow instructions below to prepare batteries before arrival.
  • Motor oil and transmission fluid (up to 10 quarts per visit)
  • Motor oil filters (up to two filters per visit)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs & CFLs
  • Latex paint (up to five gallons per visit)
  • Mercury-containing devices (up to two per visit)
  • Passenger car tires (up to four per visit)
  • Electronics (covered by the NYS disposal ban)

Download the checklist for future reference here.

Rules & Procedures

DSNY drop-off sites are only for non-commercial materials from NYC residents. Anyone with a commercial license plate will not be allowed to enter the site.

When you arrive at the drop-off site, you’ll be required to show proof of residency, such as a valid NYS driver’s license. If you aren’t arriving by car, you can provide a picture ID and proof of residency, such as a phone or utility bill.

The drop-off location may not be immediately visible. If you have trouble finding the location, ask a DSNY garage foreman or supervisor at the site. DSNY officials will be there to instruct you, but the sites are do-it-yourself style. Wearing casual clothes and work gloves is strongly recommended.

Special Instructions for Batteries

To prevent the risk of fire, individually bag each non-alkaline battery or use CLEAR tape to cover the terminals. Do not use opaque tape and do not bag or tape alkaline batteries.

At the drop-off site, place each battery into its designated collection container: alkaline, small sealed lead acid, auto, and “other”.

Please note: Alkaline batteries are collected here but can be discarded in the garbage. Since they no longer contain mercury, they’re not hazardous.

More information could be found here.

Department of Sanitation

DSNY Organics Collection

One third of what New Yorkers throw away is food scraps and yard waste. Instead of sending it to landfills, we can use this waste to create compost and renewable energy.


Learn about the ways that you can make compost in NYC.

Curbside Composting

Drop-off Composting

Host a Food Scrap Drop-Off Site

Sign Up for Curbside Composting

Leaf Collection


Find out if your school qualifies to receive curbside compost collection including both private and public schools.


Guidelines and Tips

Decals, Signage and Resources 


Get more details on your responsibilities as a NYC business handling food and yard waste.

Commercial Organics Requirements

On-site Processing Registration 

Commercial Landscapers 

Nonprofits and Agencies:

Agency representatives can request service for their building in designated opt-in areas.  See map for locations.

Brooklyn Public Library is going fine free!

Brooklyn Public Library, along with NYPL and QPL is excited to announce the elimination of late fines! We are no longer charging late fines on overdue materials, and we have erased existing overdue fines from all BPL accounts.

Additional information can be found here.

Affordable Housing open for Applications
Sunset Park Apartments

We wish to inform you that applications are now being accepted for affordable housing for Sunset Park Apartments. Applications are being accepted on Housing Connect until the deadline date of:  1-13-22 and paper applications must be post marked no later than the above mentioned deadline date.

Please note that rents and income limits are subject to change and asset limits may apply. In addition, minimum incomes listed may not apply to applicants with Section 8 or other qualifying rental subsidies.

We encourage interested persons to apply online at or write to request a paper application and advertisement (see below). Online and paper applications are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Korean, Polish, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Address to obtain paper applications:
Sunset Park Apartments
C/O Fifth Avenue Committee
621 DeGraw Street Brooklyn NY 11217

Please remember that online applications must be submitted by the deadline date and that the applications received after this deadline date will not be considered. Completed paper applications must be sent to the Post Office Box address indicated on the application, postmarked by the application deadline date. Applicants may not submit more than one application per household.

Contact Information:
Charmaine Marizan
Community Development Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

More information could be found here.

For all National Grid planned construction please see information below.

What to expect during construction:
• Typically, work performed by National Grid will begin with the installation of new gas pipe either in the street or sidewalk. The
excavation required will be backfilled at the end of each day. Steel plates will be used to cover any excavations left open to allow
vehicular traffic and provide access to driveways, steps, and walkways.

• The entire work area will be kept clean and orderly. Attempts will be made to keep noise, dust, and debris to a minimum. All material
required on site will be stored neatly in designated areas.

• All or part of your gas service may have to be replaced. In order to complete this work, we must gain access to your home at the point
where the service enters the building (basement, crawlspace, etc.). If this is the case, you will be contacted by a National Grid
representative to make an appointment.

• Some excavations may need to remain open until all gas services have been transferred, at which point the old main will be retired and
the openings will be backfilled.

• All street and sidewalk surfaces affected by the construction will be repaved to ensure a smooth surface. Temporary asphalt pavement
will be used until all National Grid work is complete and permanent restoration can be performed.

• Concrete openings should be restored within 21 days with the exception of work done in mid-winter. Some delays may occur due to
inclement weather or when the temperature is too cold to pour concrete.

Construction Notification as of 9/20/2021

Notification Details:
In the coming weeks, National Grid has planned construction in your district and this notification will provide information on the project.  This work is required to improve the reliability of our gas system. If you seek additional information, please reference the following:

Construction due to: New Main Install
Borough: Brooklyn
Reference Number: T102368814
Billing Unit: 204A
Community Board: 10

Construction Details:
Scope: Main Install
Typical Trench Width: 3′
Approx. Duration: 90 Days

On Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: 3rd Avenue
Cross Street: Hamilton Walk

On Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: Hamilton Walk
Cross Street: Intersection

On Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: Hamilton Walk
Cross Street: Lafayette Walk

On Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: Lafayette Walk
Cross Street: Intersection

On Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: Lafayette Walk
Cross Street: 4th Avenue

On Street: Hamilton Walk
Cross Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: Dead End

On Street: Lafayette Walk
Cross Street: 94th Street
Cross Street: Dead End

More information can be found here.

Construction Notification as of 12/27/2021

Notification Details:
In the coming weeks, National Grid has planned construction in your district and this notification will provide information on the project.  This work is required to improve the reliability of our gas system. If you seek additional information, please reference the following:

Construction due to: New Main Install
Borough: Brooklyn
Reference Number: T102448718
Billing Unit: 201
Community Board: 10

Construction Details:
Scope: Main Install
Typical Trench Width: 3′

On Street: Bay Ridge Avenue
Cross Street: Colonial Road
Cross Street: Ridge Boulevard

More information could be found here.

Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

Verrazzano Narrows Bridge Construction – New Traffic Pattern Begins

A new traffic pattern will be implemented, with associated overnight lane and level closures to accommodate the transition to the next stage of upper level roadway reconstruction. The bridge remains open to traffic in both directions at all times. The resulting new pattern will shift the closed lane from the current work-zone on the left side of the eastbound side of the bridge, one lane southward, to the center lane. This upcoming stage should improve traffic flow for motorists and bus commuters in terms of the traffic pattern; however, motorists may expect a period of adjustment as with any such shift.

This is the sixth stage of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge Upper Level reconstruction of the Approaches and Anchorage Deck, and the project is progressing well ahead of schedule. This stage of work will continue.

Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge Hotline: 718-556-8010

NYC Department of Transportation – NYC Open Streets

Temporary Limited Local Access:  Temporary Full Closure:

NYC’s Open Streets program allows communities to embrace new public space and support small businesses. Open Streets prioritize pedestrians and cyclists by transforming streets into public space. These transformations allow for a range of activities, support local businesses, and create opportunities for New Yorkers to gather together safely. Open Streets are coordinated in partnership with local community organizations. There are two types of Open Streets:

Please visit for more information.

DOT Milling and Paving within Community Board Ten

Please follow signs that will be posted in advance of scheduled work.

Click here for NYC DOT Weekly Resurfacing Schedule.

Recovery: Tropical Storm Ida

NYC Department of Buildings

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) is conducting home safety inspections upon request, to provide help and guidance to New Yorkers dealing with flood damage. DOB is not issuing violations or penalties during these assessments.

DOB has put together an information guide which can be accessed here or available at

Narrows Botanical Gardens (NBG)
Can You Help Be A Garden Greeter?

Garden greeters are an integral part of the NBG. Greeters will work at a table in front of the Native Plant Garden (just inside the NBG entrance located across the street from 6917 Shore Road). Duties include greeting people that walk through the NBG, answering their questions, encouraging them to become involved, and whatever else comes up that day.
Volunteers sign up for two hour slots via our Sign Up Genius page which is accessible on NBG’s website.

The People’s Pantry – Provisions of Solidarity

The People’s Pantry, an initiative where folks can give food and provisions if they are able, and those in need can take what they wish.  FREE food and provisions for anyone who needs them, no questions asked.  Available 24/7 outside 8018 5th Avenue, Brooklyn. (NYS Senator Gounardes’ office)
To donate:
Simply drop off non-perishable food items, personal hygiene products, or other household necessities OR donate funds using Venmo app @thepeoplepantry_nyc
Please contact State Senator Gounardes’ office via phone at 718-238-6044 Information regarding this topic

Brooklyn Public Library – Fort Hamilton Branch

Hours of operation:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Tuesday – 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Thursday – 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
Saturday – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

You may use the public computers for 30 minutes, two times a day.
Please be advised that the public computers will shut off automatically 15 minutes before the library closes.

PSA – From A Local Student About Dog Waste

A local 6th Grader, John C. from Bay Ridge Catholic Academy has decided to tackle the pet waste problem in Bay Ridge and started an education campaign which he shared with our office. He built pet waste bag holders for the area. There are bag holders at the 97th Street/Shore Road entrance and at Owls Park Dog Run for pet owners.

View flyer here.

Bay Ridge Center Volunteer Program:
Helping Our Neighbors, Together

Bay Ridge Center’s volunteer program to combat the effects of the pandemic needs your help to help our neighbors in need! Calling both volunteers and those in need: your issue is neither too big nor too small.

Need a hand with your computer skills? Driveway buried in snow? Want to learn to crochet? Interested in learning a new language? Let’s make it all happen, together!

Please reach out to Michael Schumer, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at [email protected] to get rolling.

NYC Department of Transportation
FREE Virtual Car Seat Program

The New York City Department of Transportation is launching a FREE virtual car seat program in your area. Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for American children and the correct use of child safety seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 71 percent. Unfortunately, almost 60 percent of car seats are not used or installed correctly.

DOT is pleased to announce that FREE Virtual Car Seat checks are being offered to all the constituents in your district. The car seat checks will be conducted via zoom or any other platform the constituents uses.

DOT would love to collaborate with you to promote this program. It is important to keep our children safe and be champions of child injury prevention; helping us to reach and engage parents, caregivers and kids will be great for the community.

DOT also have brand new car seats to give away for FREE, If you have any parents whom is in need for a car seat.

Below you will find the FREE Virtual Car Seat flyer.  This will make a big difference for kids in your community.

FREE Virtual Car Seat flyer in English
FREE Virtual Car Seat flyer in Chinese
FREE Virtual Car Seat flyer in Spanish

Attorney General James Warns New Yorkers to Remain Alert Against COVID-19 Vaccine and Stimulus Scams

New York Attorney General Letitia James today issued an alert to New Yorkers to remain vigilant against potential scams related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) public health crisis. As more New Yorkers become eligible for the vaccine that will help prevent the spread of the disease and a new round of stimulus payments are sent out to combat the economic fallout of the pandemic.

See following tips for New Yorkers to follow in an effort to protect themselves from these scams.

  • Don’t be fooled by familiar logos and branding.
  • Look for misspellings and poor grammar.
  • Never open attachments or click links from those claiming to be from the government unless you have specifically signed up for a notification or an email.
  • Verify the legitimacy of any unsolicited/unexpected email before interacting with it, especially if the IRS or COVID-19 is mentioned in any way.

New Yorkers who believe they have been a victim of a scam should
contact the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to file a complaint
New Yorkers can 
learn more about COVID-19 scams on the OAG website.

The New York State Liquor Authority has also expanded license guidelines for SLA Licensed Premises utilizing outdoor space.

SLA Outdoor Expansion Guidance

PSA: Commercial Ads/Posters Are Not Permitted on Public Property

The District Office often receives calls about commercial ad posters affixed to public property including street lights and street signs.

Recently red commercial advertising signs (pictured here) were tied on dozens of street light poles within Community District 10. Many locations were reported and most removed by the Department of Sanitation, neighbors and Community Board staff.

Residents can reach out to the District Office at [email protected] or to report posters affixed to public property via 311 online directly to the Department of Sanitation here.

The Department of Sanitation will not accept complaints about posters attached to private buildings or those put up by government agencies on public property. Sanitation will respond within 3 to 7 business days to remove illegal postings.

YWCA Brooklyn Offers FREE Virtual ESOL/Adult literacy Classes

YWCA is offering free virtual classes for women who do not speak English. Classes are available to all levels. Adults are welcomed to visit sessions before starting the program, and can register here.

FREE English (ESOL) Classes for Women flyer

MTA Metro Card Mobile Sales Buses and Vans updated 11/30/2021

Customers are advised to check the schedule for updates.

We are committed to keeping everyone safe, and ask that customers maintain a safe social distance when waiting on line.

MetroCard Mobile Vans Accepting Cash Starting June 21st

Services offered at the Mobiles Sales Vans

  • Get help with a Reduced-Fare application
  • Transfer MetroCard balances (Full fare and Reduced-Fare)
  • Exchange a damaged Reduced-Fare MetroCard for a temporary replacement
  • Report a lost/stolen Reduced-Fare MetroCard
  • Ask our team about any MetroCard-related issues

Schedules are subject to change, so check back before you visit. Please call 511 for specific dates.

Please note: MetroCard Mobile Sales does not operate on the observed day for the following federal holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

Location: Bay Ridge at 86 St & Fourth Ave
Day: 2nd & 4th Friday
Time: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

More information could be found here.

MTA OMNY Payment System Roll Out

The MTA new OMNY fare payment system is nearing completion. The new payment system accepts contactless cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover as well as digital payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay. The OMNY payment system will replace the MetroCard payment system in 2023.
Read more about the MTA OMNY Payment System. Watch the Welcome to OMNY Video.

Follow-Up #3 – Local Law 28 of 2019 and Local Law 29 of 2021

Extension of Enforcement Moratorium and Temporary Assistance Program for Certain Business Signs.

Local Law 29 of 2021 extends the moratorium on the issuance of certain accessory sign violations, and the temporary assistance program for certain accessory signs to January 1, 2023.

Find more details here regarding Local Law 28 of 2019 and Local Law 29 of 2021

Citi Bike Service Area Expansion

Phase 3 (2020 thru 2024) of Citi Bike Service Area Expansion includes portions of Southwest Brooklyn. Citi Bike is a Private – Public partnership. The NYC Department of Transportation is responsible for system planning and outreach and Lyft is responsible for day to day operations.

Community Board 10 was notified by NYC Department of Transportation that while only a few blocks within Community District 10 (referenced as 310 in map) are included in the next phase of implementation, anyone can recommend possible site locations.

To view the interactive station planning map
please visit the Citi Bike feedback portal where public comments can be submitted.

68th Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) Program

Neighborhood Coordination Officers, or NCOs, are your local problem solvers. They spend all their working hours within the confines of their assigned sectors, actively engaging with local community members and residents. They get to know the neighborhood, its people, and its problems extremely well.
View information on NCO Officer Program

Updates from the Department of Buildings

The Department continues the expansion of e-filing to include many more transactions, which will add convenience and efficiency while protecting public health.
View DOB e-filing information.

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce – Bring Back Brooklyn Fund Campaign

Brooklyn’s economy has taken a hard hit during these troubling times. It is predicted that 35% of 63,000 small businesses are unlikely to reopen. That’s why the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce created Bring Back Brooklyn Fund. This is a community-driven, small business, no-interest loan program. Loans will help small businesses pay their bills, clean and sanitize their shops, hire staff, pay vendors, and more. These resources will help our small businesses survive the pandemic and sustain our neighborhoods.
Learn more about the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. 

Online Marriage Licenses

All couples who want to get married in New York State must obtain a Marriage License. Prior to Executive Order No. 202.20, signed by the former Governor, the law required that New Yorkers complete the process of obtaining a marriage license in person. This requirement was waived. The new system will allow couples to virtually schedule and attend an appointment with the City Clerk’s office, securely upload required documents for the marriage license to the City Clerk’s office, and upload the signed license for submission to the City Clerk once the ceremony is complete.

The system is expected to go live in the first week of May. New Yorkers who would like to obtain a marriage license will soon be able to do so by visiting or

Kings County DA Office – Important Resource Information

View important resource information on Kings County DA office website

Animal Care Centers of NY

The Animal Care Centers of NYC provides valuable information for anyone who may be concerned about pet safety during this time and great resource information if you are looking to adopt. Please click on link provided below for information.  COVID-19 and Animals FAQs

NYC Parks Tree Risk Management Policy

In 2017, NYC Parks tree risk management program established priorities for street trees based on inspection results.  The goal of the program is to help NYC Parks Department address immediately hazardous trees in danger of falling or large branches and lower priority smaller branches that may be falling or have fallen can longer about 90 to 180 days to remove.

The service request policy consists of 3 steps:
Service Request to 311
NYC Parks will inspect tree (work order is formed based on they type of work needed and priority level)
Priority is based on inspection criteria. Those in need of immediate attention will be handled first.
Learn more about NYC Parks Tree Risk Management Program.

The New York City Community Health Profiles

The New York City Community Health Profiles capture important health data for all 59 community districts. The profiles help the New York City Department of Health assess how much health can vary by neighborhood. The profiles also show how important community resources, and funding to create and sustain these resources are to health outcomes.
View the Community District 10 Health Profile.

NYPD Crime Prevention Division Info on Senior Scams

Community Board Ten has learned of recent phone scams involving local senior citizens. In this particular phone scam, a caller identifying himself as the senior’s grandchild asked that money be wired to an account. Sadly, criminals often target seniors using deceptive scams. Please take time to share tips prepared by the NYPD’s Crime Prevention Division.

Please share the below link to the Crime Prevention Booklet For Seniors produced by the NYPD Crime Prevention Division. Thank you!!
View the Crime Prevention Booklet For Seniors

Become A Citizen: Brooklyn Public Library Offers Citizenship Classes Online

Learn more about Online Citizenship Classes

NYC Ferry

For details regarding the NYC Ferry, South Brooklyn Route and Current Schedule please find link below
visit the NYC Ferry website
Please view the Fall South Brooklyn Ferry Schedule

Block Party Guidelines

View the Street  Activity Guidelines

NYC Department of Transportation Alternate Side Parking Calendar 2022

Alternate Side Parking Regulations may be suspended from time to time because of snow, inclement weather or other emergencies. NYC DOT provides a list of Alternate Side Parking Suspension Days for the calendar year as well as a list of parking rule suspensions for Major Holidays including Christmas Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.
Download the 2022 ASP Calendar

DSNY Reminder about placing garbage for pickup

Reminder – all garbage and recycling must be placed curbside after 5:00 pm on the night before your scheduled pickup day. There are times when the Sanitation Department must alter their schedule and will possibly pick up on the overnight shift or in the very early hours of your scheduled pick up day.
Visit DSNY Services

Animal Care Centers of NYC

Please view information regarding Animal Care Centers of NYC (formerly Animal Care & Control of NYC).
View information regarding Animal Care Centers of NYC

Resources for Immigrants

Learn more about resources for immigrants