Brooklyn Community Board 17

Housing & Block Associations

Chairperson: Pearlene Fields

Meetings: Monthly, 2nd Thursday

The Housing Committee helps to advocate for fair housing, housing resources, tenant’s rights, affordable housing, and senior housing. The committee also helps first-time homeowners and at-risk existing homeowners in the Community Board 17 district. The committee consists of community board members and community residents.

  • The Housing Committee’s responsibilities include monitoring and reviewing the services provided by the Department of Housing, Preservation & Development (HPD), formulating various resolutions on affordable housing, rent control, rent stabilization, federal Section 8 vouchers, and the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption law (SCRIE) and Mitchell-Lama housing.
  • With respect to the unhoused, the committee monitors the services provided by the Department of Homeless Services and meets with other private and public providers of services for the unhoused. 
  • Develop plans for the preservation and upgrading of the Community’s Housing stock.
  • Identify the needs and strategies for neighborhood improvements. Review vacant buildings in the neighborhood to assess the need for seal-up or demolition.
  • Recommend sites for residential facilities for special needs groups (i.e., unhoused, disabled, youth, and immigrants). Pursue housing funding from private sources for major rehabilitation and other services pertinent to housing and special projects.
  • Identify and publicize investment incentives that are available to promote district revitalization.
  • Compile pertinent information on housing and commercial development (i.e., loans, mortgages, private developers, and area renewal plans).
  • Monitor housing construction and rehabilitation projects. Work with local landlords and tenant groups to ensure that housing is maintained and services are provided.

The Block Association helps neighbors in Community Board 17 get organized into block associations, tenants’ groups, or other civic associations. The committee has board members, homeowners, and tenants who get together around a common issue to build a better neighborhood. Leveraging the experience of members, agencies, and experts, these residents organize their buildings, clean up their neighborhoods, create and maintain community gardens, improve schools, or otherwise work to ensure neighborhood sustainability.

Housing  Block Association Committee meetings typically occur monthly on the second (2nd) Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm.

Any person wishing to attend a committee meeting is encouraged to confirm the date, time, and location on the community Board’s Calendar.

Watch live-streamed and archived meetings on CB17’s YouTube Channel.

Please feel free to view the committee’s monthly meeting minutes below:

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December 2022

Working to Keep Our community informed and empowered.


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