Brooklyn Community Board 10

Houses of Worship

Bay Ridge Baptist Church

Address: 6701 4th Avenue, 11220
Phone: 718-238-0555
Pastor: Jason Walker

Bay Ridge Christian Center

Address: 6324 7th Avenue, 11220
Phone: 718-238-4000
Pastor: Luciano Padilla

Bay Ridge Jewish Center

Address: 405 81st Street, 11209
Phone: 718-836-3103
Email: [email protected]
Office Manager: Susan Altman

Bay Ridge United Methodist Church

Address: 7420 – 4th Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-238-4517
Fax: 718-238-4517
Int. Pastor: Robert Emerick

Bethel Presbyterian Reformed Church

Address: 367 94th Street, #718, 11209
Phone: 718-954-8047 or 212-870-1240
Email: [email protected]
Reverend: Dr. Moses Biney

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Address: 440 Ovington Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-748-9502
Pastor: Paul Knudsen

Christ Church of Bay Ridge/Chinese Episcopal Church

Address: 7301 Ridge Boulevard, 11209
Phone: 718-745-3698
Email: [email protected]
Priest: Lawerence DeLion

Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George

Address: 1105 – 67th Street, 11219
Phone: 718-259-1564
Fax: 718-259-2899
Email: [email protected]
Priest: Fr. Mina Kamel Yanni

Cornerstone Church at Bay Ridge

Address: 8315 4th Avenue, 11209
Phone: 347-985-0860
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Nathan Tubbs

First Evangelical Church

Address: 6501 6th Avenue, 11220
Phone: 718-745-7775
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Chris Hooper

Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church

Address: 6753 4th Avenue, 11220
Phone: 718-836-0681
Email: [email protected]
Reverend: David Aja-Sigmon

Gateway City Church

Address: 257/267 Bay Ridge Avenue, 11220
Phone: 718-921-4673
Fax: 718-680-9733
Email: gc[email protected]
Pastor: Roger McPhail

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church

Address: 8401 Ridge Blvd, 11209
Phone: 718-836-3510
Fax: 718-836-7075
Email: [email protected]
Priest: Gerasimos Makris

Iglesias De Evangelizacion Misioneras Jovenes Cristianos

Address: 7604-7606 13th Avenue
Rev. Erick Salgado

Islamic Society of Bay Ridge

Address: 6807 Bay Ridge Avenue STE 1A, 11220
Phone: 718-680-0121
Dr. Husam Rimawi

Jehovah’s Witnesses Bay Ridge Congregation

Address: 6913 6th Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-836-3675
Elder: Bro. Chris Daires

Lefferts Park Baptist Church

Address: 7524-14th Avenue, 11228
Phone: 718-232-4347
Fax: 718-232-4347
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Leon Aguilera

Middle East North Africa Evangelical Church

Address: 367 94th Street, #6948, 11209
Phone: 917-373-9521

Our Lady of Angels Church

Address: 7320 Fourth Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-836-7200
Fax: 718-238-2466
Email: [email protected]
Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor

Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church

Address: 414 80th Street, 11209
Phone: 718-745-0020
Fax: 718-745-0559
Email: [email protected]

Redeemer-St. John’s Lutheran Church

Address: 939 83rd Street, 11228
Phone: 718-833-7700
Fax: 718-833-6165
Pastor: Khader Khallila

Roman Catholic Church of St. Patrick

Address: 9511 4th Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-238-2600
Fax: 718-238-1508
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Fr. Gerard Sauer

St. Andrew the Apostle RC Church

Address: 6713 Ridge Boulevard, 11220
Phone: 718-680-1010
Fax: 718-680-3160
Pastor: Gregory Stankus
[email protected]

St. Anselms RC Church

Address: 356 82nd Street, 11209
Phone: 718-238-2900
Fax: 718-238-2902
Pastor: John Maloney
[email protected]

St. Bernadette’s RC Church

Address: 8201 13th Avenue, 11228
Phone: 718-837-3400
Fax: 718-236-5883
Pastor: Thomas G. Caserta

St. Ephrem’s RC Church

Address: 929 Bay Ridge Parkway, 11228
Phone: 718-833-1010
Fax: 718-921-5232
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Robert Adamo

St. Mary’s Antiochian Christian Orthodox Church

Address: 8100 Ridge Boulevard, 11209
Phone: 718-238-8008
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Michael Ellias

St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church

Address: 340 67 Street, 11220
Phone: 718-748-7667
Email: [email protected]
Priest: Fr. Apostolos Manoloudis

St. Philips Episcopal Church

Address: 1072 – 80th Street, 11228
Phone: 718-745-2505
Fax: 718-745-3768
Email: [email protected]
Mother Pastor: Suzanne Culhane

St. Rosalia-Regina Pacis RC Church

Address: 1230 65th Street, 11219
Phone: 718-236-0909
Fax: 718-236-5357
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Ronald Marino

The Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd

Address: 7420 4th Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-745-8520
Fax: 718-748-1165
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Rev. Juan C. Ruiz

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Address: 9020 Third Avenue, 11209
Phone: 718-745-0138
Email: [email protected]
Pastor: Wade Miller

Union Church of Bay Ridge (Presbyterian)

Address: 7915 Ridge Boulevard, 11209
Phone: 718-745-0438
Fax: 718-745-0439
Email: [email protected]
Reverend: Robert Anderle

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