The Board

Community Boards afford the citizenry the opportunity to have their voices heard. This input is helpful in making decisions about how best to use city resources, including land and tax dollars. Over the years, modifications to the City Charter have given Community Boards a formal role in decisions on land use, preparation of capital and expense budgets, and monitoring service delivery.

District Office Staff

Dante B. Arnwine, District Manager

Mia N. Hilton, Assistant District Manager

Khalid N. Nixon, Community Assistant

Board Membership List

Khyrie Alleyne

Nicolas Almonor (Member-at-Large; Parks, Recreation & Culture Committee Chair)

Stuart Balberg  

Fred P. Baptiste (Board Chairman)

Naomy Baptiste

John Beckles Jr.

Rabbi Yaacov Behrman (Public Safety Committee Chair)

Warren Berke  (1st Vice Chair; Economic Development Committee Chair)

Augustine Blackwell 

Suwen “Suki” Cheong

Verleen Dozier

Rosemarie Evering

Tessa Hackett-Viera 

Bishop Sylveta Hamilton-Gonzales

Shloma Zalman Hecht 

Primo Lasana (Youth Services Committee Chair)

Mayna Legoute

Francisca Leopold (2nd Vice Chair; Health & Social Services Committee Chair)

Melanie Lewis

Michael Liburd

Mattijs Limberger

Christian Loubeau (Environmental Protection Committee Chair)

Menachem Margolin 

Carmen Martinez (Transportation Committee Chair)

Vivia Morgan 

Patricia Moses (ULURP/Land Use Committee Chair)

Beverly Newsome 

Yaakov (Yankee) Pearson

Riel Peerbooms

Amy Pinkerton

Unella Rhone-Perry 

Dexter Roberts (Treasurer)

Felice Robertson

Mary Rollerson-Blackett 

Melissa Severe

Rashidah Siddiqui 

Rashida Sykes

Rabbi Chanina Sperlin 

Debbie Timothy

Linda Watson-Lorde

Eve-lyn Williams (Member-at-Large)

Lorianne Wolseley

Cheryl Wright