Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Community Board and how can I participate?

Community boards are local representative bodies. There are 59 community boards throughout the City, and each one consists of up to 50 unsalaried members, half of whom are nominated by their district’s City Council members. Board members are selected and appointed by the Borough Presidents from among active, involved people of each community and must reside, work, or have some other significant interest in the community.

Each community board is led by a District Manager who establishes an office, hires staff, and implements procedures to improve the delivery of City services to the district. While the main responsibility of the board office is to receive complaints from community residents, they also maintain other duties, such as processing permits for block parties and street fairs. Many boards choose to provide additional services and manage special projects that cater to specific community needs, including organizing tenants associations, coordinating neighborhood cleanup programs, and more.

Apply for Community Board Membership here

Apply for Brooklyn Community District 9 Resident Committee Membership here

Where can I find my Community Board?

Find your Community Board here

Where can I file general inquiries? (Pests, Heat, Work Permits, Graffiti, etc.)

You can file digital inquiries to the 311 portal here

Where can I file Transportation-related inquiries? (Speed-Reducers, Bike Rails, Street Furniture, Speed/Red-Light Cameras, etc.) 

You can file digital inquiries to the Department of Transportation portal here
You can follow up on service requests here
You can review NYCStreets Permit Management System here

Where can I find information about zoning?

Learn about Land Use and Zoning here
You can view NYC Department of City Planning Interactive ZoLa Map here