Standard format of Community District 9’s borders are as follows:

  • Eastern Parkway, South; from Washington Avenue, to Rochester Avenue
  • Rochester Avenue, West; from Eastern Parkway to East New York Avenue
  • East New York Avenue, North; from Rochester Avenue to Utica Avenue/Empire Boulevard intersection
  • Utica Avenue, West; from Empire Boulevard to Clarkson Avenue
  • Clarkson Avenue, North; from Utica Avenue to Flatbush Avenue
  • Flatbush Avenue, East; from Clarkson Avenue to Parkside Avenue
  • Parkside Avenue, North; from Flatbush Avenue to Ocean Parkway
  • Ocean Parkway, East; from Parkside Avenue to Ocean Parkway/Flatbush Avenue/Empire Boulevard intersection
  • Washington Avenue, East; from Empire Boulevard, to Eastern Parkway